London’s Muslim Mayor Hosts EU ‘Remain’ Rally With Hijab-Clad Women Forced To Stand At The Back

London Mayor Sadiq Khan gave a speech in Manchester on behalf of the EU ‘Remain’ campaign, with women noticeably absent from the front of the crowd.

In an effort to bolster the ailing Remain campaign, newly elected London Mayor Sadiq Khan has gone on a road trip across the country to try and boost support for remaining in the European Union (EU).

A photograph from one of Mr. Khan’s speeches in Manchester posted on the Guido Fawkes blog reveals that in at least one of his speeches, meant to galvanise Labour voters in the north of England, women were excluded from the front row and relegated to the periphery of the event.

Mr. Khan is said to be attempting to distance himself from the government’s official campaign that has been dubbed “project fear”, and is expected to tell Labour voters in the party’s northern heartlands that voting to remain in the EU is the “positive, proud and patriotic thing to do,” the Evening Standard reports.

The London mayor said: “I am backing Remain because it’s by far the best option for protecting working people’s jobs, wages and rights…the world won’t end if we leave Europe — but it won’t be in Londoners’ interests or the interests of  working people.”

It is not the first time that a Labour event has seen the segregation of women. The party has often been accused of pandering to hard-line Muslims, with a number of incidents being revealed last year.

The Mayor has also been in hot water before when it comes to questions over his links to Islamist groups and those who practice a more traditional form of Islam that often sees women segregated at events from men. Adding further fuel to the accusations that Mr. Khan is attempting to enforce a more traditional role of women in public life is his new ban on sexualised advertising on London’s public transport.

According to Mr. Khan, the ban on sexualised advertisements was to prevent exposure to images of scantly clad models making women feel “ashamed” of their own bodies. Though the move plays into the desires of feminists who want to see a more prudish take on women in public life, it also plays to the views of Islamists and Islamic traditionalists who desire women to cover up for reasons of “modesty”.

The speeches in the north of England see Mr. Khan team up with not only Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, whose engagement in the campaign has been lackluster so far, but also Prime Minister David Cameron who merely weeks before the London mayoral election referred to Mr. Khan as an extremist. Mr. Cameron and Mr. Khan appeared at a rally together at the end of last month in London to extol the virtues of the EU and the benefits of staying in the political bloc.

The north of England tour is scheduled to see Mr. Khan make speeches in Manchester, Oldham, Leeds and possibly Bradford. After the tour he will return through the Midlands to London on Sunday ahead of a BBC debate with former London mayor and pro-Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson at Wembley Arena on Tuesday evening.

Nigeria: Hijab in Osun Schools

In compliance with a directive from the Osun State chapter of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Christian students of the Baptist High School, Adeeke in Owo town of Osun State went to school last week in church robes. They were protesting the wearing of hijab by female Muslim students. The same scenario occurred at the Salvation Army Middle School, Alekuwodo, also in Osun State. Both are public schools run by the Osun State government even though they were originally missionary schools taken over by government in 1975.

The Osun State chapter of CAN had earlier directed Christian students in the state to wear church garments to school if the state government went ahead to implement a State High Court ruling which legalized the use of hijab by female Muslim students. The decision, according to CAN chairman in the state Elisha Ogundiya, was taken at an emergency meeting of CAN’s executive committee in Oshogbo. The High Court had ruled two weeks ago that female Muslim students should be allowed to wear hijab in all primary and secondary schools owned by the state government. The court, presided over by Justice Jide Falola, in a 51-page judgment held that any act of molestation, harassment, torture and humiliation against Muslim students using hijab constitutes an infringement on their fundamental right as contained in Section 38 of the 1999 constitution as amended

The Osun State Muslim community had on February 14, 2013 dragged the state government to court, seeking an order to allow female Muslim students to use hijab in public schools. The suit which was instituted against the state government also had the State Commissioner for Education and Attorney General as respondents. The state’s CAN chapter and its chairman voluntarily joined as respondents. The applicants, in a 44-paragraph affidavit told the court that female Muslim students wearing hijab to school were being harassed by the fourth and fifth respondents who insisted that beret and face-cap is the approved head cover for students in public schools.

In his judgment, Justice Falola said religion was introduced into the case when CAN joined in the suit. He said he went ahead to deliver the judgment after all pleas to settle the matter amicably failed. The state’s CAN chapter declared its intention to appeal against the judgment. It also urged the state government not to execute the judgment with a threat that if such was done, it would direct Christian students to attend school in church vestments, which it did. Governor Rauf Aregbesola however advised aggrieved parties to channel their grievances appropriately and not to result to self-help. He said at Ibokun that there are legal options open to any aggrieved party. CAN however accused Aregbesola of influencing the High Court ruling.

Use of hijab by female Muslim students in public schools in the North and South-West Nigeria is not new. Governments at various levels have over the years given female Muslim students the option of using a scarf that covers the head to the chest, in addition to the approved school uniform. This provision exists in all Federal Government Colleges and Federal Technical Colleges (FTCs) as approved by the Federal Ministry of Education (FME). Use of hijab by female Muslim students also obtains in primary and secondary schools in many states of the federation including Sokoto, Kaduna, Plateau, Niger, Kwara and Bauchi. Unfortunately, FME cannot issue directives in the Osun hijab controversy because this is a matter within state jurisdiction.

We call on Osun State’s CAN chapter to show understanding and tolerance in the amicable resolution of the matter. As men of God who should be models to young boys and girls, it was not proper for the leadership of CAN to have directed children still growing up as pupils and students to defy authorities and wear church gowns to school. We also advise politicians to shun the manipulation of religion in order to achieve selfish personal goals.

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Muslims Beat Waitress For Serving Alcohol During Ramadan

Muslims in France have left a waitress with a large facial haematoma on the first day of Ramadan because the attackers had seen her serving alcohol.

The waitress said she was alone in the bar when the men entered.  They pointed towards the liquor bottles behind the counter and said, in Arabic: “You should be ashamed to serve alcohol during Ramadan.”

The waitress, herself a Muslim and observing the Muslim period of fasting, told the men they were not Allah and so could not judge her. The assailants swore if they were God they would have her hanged.

After pretending to leave the premises, Le Figaro reported that one of the two attackers returned to hit her in the face, crashing alcohol bottles down from the bar’s shelves.

Philippe Vardon, regional advisor to the Front National party, blasted the “weak leadership” of politicians for the attack. This religiously motivated attack is far from an isolated incident in France. Less than two years ago in the same Nice neighbourhood, three men were given suspended sentences for repeated death threats to and physically attacking a Muslim baker they accused of being un-Islamic for serving ham sandwiches and alcohol at his shop.



The Socialist Party government in France appears to be turning a blind eye to the growing problem of members of their Muslim minority holding non-Muslims and their lifestyles in contempt.  Instead, they have launched a €100 million campaign against “populism” in an attempt to stop people from voting for the anti mass-migration party, Front National.

While French courts make sure to take a hard line on anyone who is perceived to have slighted migrants or Muslims, courts have ruled that it is impossible to insult the French, or even white people, as they don’t exist.

In 2010, the General Alliance Against Racism and for the Respect of French and Christian Identity (AGRIF) took a “rapper and sociologist”, who released a book and CD telling people to take a torch to the “disgusting” native French, to court for incitement to hatred and racial insult. The courts threw the case out saying that there is no such thing as white people or people who are indigenous to France.